Sexy PlexyDesk on the way
by cyberorg, Thursday, January 10th @ 5:48 pm Comments (0)

Cool new PlexyDesk project, development 7 days old, has just taken off and already there is something that the developers have got to show us.

The PlexyDesk project is started by  a group of Indian and Sri Lankan developers making this perhaps the first ever Asian Desktop. This is what they intend to achieve:

“PlexyDesk will render your workspace and help organize all your information with a touch, yes heard us right, Plexy will support multi touch screens. Plexy might not be the new Desktop Environment you came looking for, be it will be the Ultimate Desktop Experience you never expect to get.”

PlexyDesk will run on KDE3/4 or GNOME, with or without compiz.

Head to the project home page to see the videos of it in action and join in the development.