openSUSE Community Week!!! (May 11 – 17)
by cyberorg, Saturday, May 9th @ 4:16 pm

Just around the corner is the openSUSE Community Week, May 11 – 17, 2009.  This will be a week of total awesomeness!  I highly recommend stopping by and learning as much as you can.  There will be plenty of really cool community people there to help you learn all kinds of things that you have been meaning to learn!

There will also be the chance to contribute back and maybe even bug that developer about your bug that has been bugging you or even find new bugs.

So, be sure to come out and hang out with some really awesome people for a week of awesomeness, because it will be awesome! )

openSUSE Community Week details

Note: I really couldn’t have said it better than Stephen Shaw ;)

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