Announcing KIWI-LTSP 0.7.7
by cyberorg, Friday, May 8th @ 7:13 am

I am happy to present you another round of update from the KIWI-LTSP team.

Enhancements and bugfixes from the last announcement are as below:

* Enabled compcache by default now, so clients with low memory should see improved performance. Thanks to Takashi Iwai for the packages.

* KIWI-LTSP server should now work better if there is another DHCP server running in the network, thanks to KIWI’s kiwiserver=serverIP feature.

* Boot and system images are created with openSUSE 11.1 updates.

All of this and lot more will be in next openSUSE-Edu-KIWI-LTSP-Live DVD.

Happy thin computing…

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