New blog
by cyberorg, Thursday, May 14th @ 11:24 am Comments (1)

Here is my new blog: http://lizards.opensuse.org/author/cyberorg/ update your feed bookmarks to point to the new location :)

Compiz 0.8.2 fully released
by cyberorg, Thursday, March 19th @ 3:49 pm Comments (21)

Compiz 0.8.2 fully released!!

Packages for openSUSE 11.1 users running KDE4 Factory and GNOME 2.26 are available from here.

Bugs/enhancement requests as always goes here.

Have a lot of fun, Shane would have wanted that!

Wanted a way of controling music player on openSUSE via iPhone, after some quick research here is what I found:


Set up MPD and iPodMp is all that is required :)

MPD can also stream via icecast server, but I found Sockso quite painless to run, no configuration required whatsoever, download zip, unzip it and run linux.sh that comes in the zip, import your music collection, create user, point your browser to http://yourserverIP:4444/, enjoy the music from anywhere in the world.

Meet Geeko
by cyberorg, Saturday, January 17th @ 2:33 pm Comments (5)

Happiness is: great weather, long bike ride listening to favourite music and Mr Geeko just happen to be in the middle of the road for me to spot.

This is the story of today, I rescued poor Mr Geeko from being run over, put him on the side of the road, and he obligingly posed for many pictures for almost an hour, click the thumbnails below for the full album :)

This is the first time ever for me to see live Geeko.


Wouldn’t it be nice if one of the above picture was part of openSUSE 11.2?

by cyberorg, Tuesday, December 23rd @ 9:07 am Comments (2)

There is a brand new album: Chinese Democracy, released after over a decade of work, go get it if you haven’t already. Most of the tracks are fantastic, especially : If the world, There was a time, Sorry, Madagascar.

Get rockin’

Last fortnight
by cyberorg, Monday, November 17th @ 3:21 pm Comments (0)

Completed “Linux” module for one batch of “LAMP” course students at the Computer Center, MS University of Baroda.

Tested the SUSE studio, a most comprehensive and easy to use web-based distro builder tool out there today. It is not open to all yet, but from the shape of what I tested it looks quite ready to rock’n'roll for everyone. It was great to testdrive openSUSE-Edu live CD created by Andrea(anubisg) directly online even without downloading anything.

Updated to openSUSE 11.1 B5 on my desktop and SLES 11 B5 in VirtualBox, both are now shaping up to be really good releases.

Tested NOMAD on KIWI-LTSP, works out of box. Local disk and sound does not work though, it is yet to be implemented in NOMAD.

Even though NOMAD patches going in openSUSE 11,1 Compiz packages are breaking a couple of things like emerald and some buggy plugins, hopefully we will have Compiz+NOMAD working fine in the final release. The good side to it is that we(free software world) are getting innovative new technology(NOMAD) driven by requirements in enterprise product(SLES).

Yesterday, did a workshop on OpenOffice.org for everyday use, these were the participants, nice to see a couple of girls in there. I shamelessly used the training material available on Copsa website.

Also found time to meet friends and see a lignite(coal) mine, first time I saw any kind of mine.

Back from vacation
by cyberorg, Tuesday, November 4th @ 3:59 pm Comments (0)

Here are some pictures :)

From Himalayan Safari
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On vacation
by cyberorg, Wednesday, October 22nd @ 9:37 am Comments (2)

Starting tomorrow I’ll be somewhere here till 2 November:

Happy Diwali :)

Helicopter fleet
by cyberorg, Tuesday, September 16th @ 6:51 pm Comments (2)

As is the tradition, all geeks must have a fleet of flying machines, here is mine :)

Mandvi, Kutch
by cyberorg, Wednesday, August 20th @ 1:46 pm Comments (0)

 This is the place I visited last weekend.

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