Window Decorations


Compiz Plugins



Initial Compiz Plugin

The Decoration plugin provides a window border for your windows. The decoration plugin is essentially useless without a window decorator, and you need one running so that the decoration plugin can render the window border.


It is important to note that the following settings are mainly used not by the decoration plugin, but by the included Compiz decorators: GTK Window Decorator and KDE Window Decorator. The settings are read by GTK window decorator in the GConf key /apps/compiz/plugins/decoration/allscreens. In order for these settings to take effect with the GTK window decorator, you need use GConf as your CompizConfig backend. The settings obtained by KDE Window Decorator via Compiz's D-BUS plugin.

  • Shadow Radius : How large the shadow is
  • Shadow Opacity : How transparent the shadow is
  • Shadow Color : What color the shadow is
  • Shadow Offset X : How much further in the X direction the shadow is projected
  • Shadow Offset Y : How much further in the Y direction the shadow is projected

You can also choose a window match for which windows the Decoration Plugin decorates and paints shadows on. For more info on how to write a match, see WindowMatching


The Decoration plugin will run the command in the the Command field for each screen that has no decorator. You can put compiz-decorator in this field if it is installed on your system (It is known as auto-decorator on some systems; be sure to check). Otherwise, you must specify one of the three decorators below


So far, there are 3 different decorators that you may use with the decoration plugin.