The KDE Window Decorator is an alternate decorator provided by the Compiz Core package. It provides the utility of using your current KWin theme with Compiz. KDE Window Decorator requires KWin and other KDE components. KDE Window Decorator queries Compiz via DBUS for its settings.

To launch KDE Window Decorator, use:

kde-window-decorator --replace

Using KDE decorations

KDE Window Decorator with KWin themes

KDE Window Decorator will use your current KWin theme as its own theme. All settings from your KWin theme such as button position, titlebar height and context menus will be imported. To configure a KWin theme that KDE Window Decorator is using, just use the KDE configuration tools provided.

It is also important to note that KDE-Window-Decorator will add an alpha-channel to your window borders, and inactive window borders will be semi-transparent.


KDE Window Decorator also provides basic shadow support. To configure the shadows, you will need to launch Compiz with the GConf plugin, or use the GConf backend in LibCompizConfig, as KDE Window Decorator queries these values from Compiz via DBUS. The keys are stored in /apps/compiz/plugins/decoration/allscreens/options



Shadow Color

What color the shadows are

Shadow Offset X

How much the shadow is offset on the X-Axis

Shadow Offset Y

How much the shadow is offset on the Y-Axis

Shadow Opacity

How transparent the shadow is

Shadow Radius

How big the shadow is