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The Show mouse plugin draws a ring of stars that encircle and trail your mouse cursor as it moves.

Using Show Mouse

Show mouse draws your attention to the mouse cursor by causing a ring of stars to orbit around the cursor. Many aspects of the ring's appearance can be customised: its size, speed, colour, the shapes and trails of the star clusters, and more.

A video demonstrating some of its possibilities is available on YouTube.

The show mouse effect can be toggled on and off with the Initiate key binding, the default of which is <Super>k.

The Mouse position polling plugin must be available for this plugin to work.


This section contains an explanation of every option and binding available to this plugin, presented in the same order as they appear in CCSM.



A keyboard shortcut to show or hide the trail of stars.

Rotation speed

How quickly the stars should encircle the cursor.


The distance between the stars and the cursor.


The number of swirling star clusters to draw.

Particle Options

Number Of Particles

The number of stars to draw per cluster.

Particle Size

The size of each star.

Particle Slowdown

Affects the perceived sharpness of the star trail by adjusting the rate of deceleration of each star as it move away from the source.

Particle Life

How long each star lasts before fading away.

Darken background

How much to darken the background under the particles.

Additive blending

Should particles that appear on top of each other appear brighter?

Particle Color

The base colour of each star.

Randomly Colored Particles

Use a random colour for each star.