Our community has several ways of communicating and getting involved (please be aware of our Code of Conduct - a few guidelines on good manners).


This wiki is here to provide accurate documentation of Compiz Fusion, please help to improve it if you can. To ensure consistency follow the Style Guidelines. If you are not sure about something you can ask in the wiki section of the forum.


These can be found at forum.compiz-fusion.org. There are RSS feeds available to monitor new threads, and you can read the forums as a guest, but you will need to register in order to post. There is an area for support questions on installing, configuring and using Compiz Fusion. The support team have extensive experience in helping users get Compiz Fusion running properly, configuring effects and identifying bugs. There are also announcements; development of new plugins, new applications, feature requests and affiliated projects like "Screenlets"; a place to share screen shots, videos, themes and sky-domes; areas for feedback and discussion about this wiki, the forum itself and the project as a whole. Also available are International forums for languages other than English, including a section for translating Compiz Fusion (In8). Here too are threads maintained by independent package builders of Compiz Fusion (for a variety of Linux distributions), and for help with compiling from the latest development code (using git).


Compiz Fusion Internet Relay Chat is via freenode.net. The #compiz-fusion channel is for help and community chat, and the #compiz-fusion-dev channel is for discussion about development. You can register your nickname to keep it unique and to be able to send and receive private messages.

Mailing Lists

Subscription and archives for our mailing lists can be found via lists.compiz-fusion.org. The lists are Admin, commits, Community, Dev and Web. Subscription to the Admin list is moderated, but the archives are publicly available.


Compiz Fusion has a Planet collection of web-logs from developers and contributors.