How you can improve the Compiz Fusion Wiki

When adding new content or cleaning up existing pages, please always bear in mind the style guidelines. Following the guidelines will help to ensure that your information is accurate, presented clearly and is consistent with the rest of the wiki.

You can find help within the wiki on editing existing entries or creating new pages. The markup language used to layout pages and format text is explained in the Syntax Reference, and you can experiment with it on the 'sand box' test page. To find your way around the wiki, you can use the methods listed under Site Navigation.

Where to Start

Currently, help is particularly needed with the following areas:

You can find a list of terms that are referred to but do not yet have pages created for them under Wanted Pages.

Further Help

If you want to discuss a change or addition that you are considering, or have any questions regarding this wiki, you can post in the wiki section on the Forum (you will need to register first).