Compiz / Compiz Fusion Conference Call

Please list your name if you know you will be (or should be) participating, either by IRC or by calling in.

  • Sam Spilsbury <> Will try to call but will be available in IRC.

The number is currently private and should have been mailed out to any active core / fusion developers. You can use skype to call the tollfree numbers, I'd suggest calling the US Tollfree number with SkypeOut (calling US phones) since that works best.

There is also the IRC channel on, #compiz-fusion-call, that's set up with ChanServ.

You can put here any info you'd like to talk about before the conference and we will try to cover it.


Can we have a look over the development related stuff in


Most of the CF developers are looking to going towards this, what problems does it solve, use cases, explanation to everyone else, documentation etc.


NOMAD is also another important branch. David said he would talk about it. What's also important to consider is that it is incompatible with compiz++, both in code and in implementation (no multi-screen or multi-display support). This could cause major community issues where Novell wants to take the project in one direction and the other devs want to take the project in another.


This is still really unclear. I belive david made a comment about how Dennis and Danny could be the new core leaders, but this still isn't official.

Project Structure

Roadmaps, framework for roadmaps etc.