Some more icons
by marex, Thursday, July 24th @ 12:45 am Comments (8)

“Yeah, I suck at post titles.” - one of the many things I always realize when writing a blog post…

What I tried to do after my last blog post, was to clean the icons up and add some more sizes. During that process, I decided to switch to a One Canvas Workflow. I already experimented with this but after Jimmac proposed his implementation I crabbted the script and some nice helper extentions for inkscape and converted my canvas-icons to that system.

Also while converting the icons I created some fancy semi-realistic high resolution version (256×256) , which then led to some changes on the smaller resolutions to reflect some changes I did to the 256×256 icons. As a result the look changed a bit to a less tangoisch look. It still fits in with the tango look quite well. What is most visibly, is that I went from a solid outline / inner-outline to a grandient version, thus the hight resolution version is more consistent with the 48×48 versions.

But enough talk, lets show off some icons:

As you can see in the last icon (trash can paper sheets, the white thin line) Inkscape generated some artifacts in this icon. Does someone know a way to work around this?

Also, if you are interested in a color table for inkscape, just put this as file in ‘~/.inkscape/palettes’.

GIMP Palette
Name: Human
Columns: 3
255 231 146    Peach 1
255 213  67    Peach 2
213 150   0    Peach 3
252 175  62    Orange 1
245 121   0    Orange 2
206  92   0    Orange 3
255 237 207     Cream 1
227 194 153     Cream 2
191 139 100     Cream 3
138 226  52    Chameleon 1
115 210  22    Chameleon 2
78 154   6    Chameleon 3
114 159 207    Sky Blue 1
52 101 164    Sky Blue 2
32  74 135    Sky Blue 3
239  41  41    Scarlet Red 1
204   0   0    Scarlet Red 2
164   0   0    Scarlet Red 3
244 232 219    Sand 1
208 191 172    Sand 2
169 146 122    Sand 3
141 124 105    Sand 4
90  82  73    Sand 5
49  44  41    Sand 6

As always, if you have some feedback or suggestions, feel free to drop me a comment.

Ubuntu Icon Theme
by marex, Friday, July 11th @ 3:42 pm Comments (7)

Following the proposal on the Ubuntu Art mailing list, I decided to create a little mockup of what I think the new Ubuntu Icon Theme (aka Human) should look like.

As you can see it mostly uses the Tango-Styling-Guideline, with a little bit of extra gloss. I also used some colors from the Tango color palette, but modified it so it has a more brown-sand-like look.

The main focus of this theme is, to create a modern, elegant icon theme that fits well into the Gnome desktop.

A few tests to see how the icons work in different sizes:

If you have some feedback or suggestions, just drop me a comment. :-)

There you go…
by marex, Saturday, May 3rd @ 8:52 pm Comments (4)

As response to the feedback you gave me in the comments, I updated the table. I also added some short descriptions to each profile.

Profiles and other random thoughts…
by marex, Thursday, May 1st @ 11:56 pm Comments (4)

Is it just me or did the last few weeks just pass like *that*? Strange how fast time can flow… Anyway.

Today I took some time to think about better values / names for the profiles provided in Simple-CCSM.  And that is what I could come up with: Five profiles, one using default setting, two using Wall and two using Cube.

Here is a table which shows the exact settings in each profile:

Any suggestions on these?

BTW. I’m on vacation next week, so I won’t be available.

Cleaning up TO DO list
by marex, Sunday, April 13th @ 6:25 pm Comments (1)

As you might have noticed, Simple-CCSM has changed a lot since my last blog post. Sorry for not keeping you up to date. I admit, I was a little bit too lazy to blog.

First of all, the interface. Well thanks to Mirco “MacSlow” Müller, who pointed me into the right direction, the UI now looks much more Gnome like.

The zoom page (aka accessibility page) was a little bit extended. You are now also able to configure ‘mag’ (aka area zoom).

There is now also an option for enabling ‘expo’ on the effects page.

Probably one of the most wanted change should be the global screen edge widget. At least I enjoy it not needing to start CCSM and searching my way through the settings for changing a few edge key bindings. Sadly this widget might have slowed the Simple-CCSM startup a bit down.

In order to clean my TO DO list up even further, I would like to get some suggestions for the profiles Simple-CCSM should provide. What profiles would you like to have? What should be activated, what disabled? Any suggestions for their names?

You can comment here or just send me an email to marex a_t opencompositing d_o_t org.

Kiba Dock
by marex, Sunday, March 9th @ 2:49 am Comments (0)

Today, I want to introduce Kiba Dock to you. No, I don’t mean that ancient version with the neat physics effects, I mean the full grow dock. I have been using Kiba Dock for some time now, not always as default. Kiba Dock had some serious stabitility problems in the past. Which might be a reason why it has not as many users as Avant-Window-Navigator (who did come up with that name anyway?!) .

But recently Kiba Dock has improved a lot. It’s mostly stable and looks very nice. It has all that little neat animations that makes it look more complete than AWN. It just feels and behaves a lot better. It just works smoothly.

But talk is cheap, so I’ll show you some of it’s features:


Yes, this one is nothing new. I know. But I really like the implementation in Kiba Dock. Really handy to keep your presentation files ready, or do some kind of “files to process” folder. Try it out, I’m sure you can find various usages for it. :-)


Yeah, standard. But still, it is implemented pretty good.


Kiba is configurable. I mean really configurable and not like ‘tweaking 5 basic options’. That’s something I really like.

I wish I could show of some animations, but I feat screen capturing won’t work you that good here.

Many thanks to Daniel “danielb” Beßler for developing this great dock. Keep up the good work! :-)

You can grab it via svn here:

svn co kibadock

Ghosts I-IV
by marex, Tuesday, March 4th @ 8:43 pm Comments (0)

Today, I bought, unusual enough, music. No, I didn’t buy a CD and rip it, I bought the files online. In FLAC (Loss-less codec). Without DRM. Paid and completely downloaded in less than an hour. 36 songs and some really cool wallpapers. For $5 (read: 3.28€). That are 9 Cents per song.

Yes, I am talking about Ghosts I-IV from Nine Inch Nails. Besides being a great NIN fan, I really had to support this project from Trent Reznor. I really hope other musician will notice, and maybe change the way they “promote” their music through their labels.

And yeah btw. the music itself is really nice as well. It has this typical dark melodic (sometimes even a little disturbing) sound, which most NIN songs have. I love it. :-)

by marex, Saturday, February 2nd @ 7:54 pm Comments (0)

Just a little status report about what I’ve been up to since my last blog post.

Since school started again, I didn’t have too much time recently. Most of that little time went into CCSM.

The first thing I put a little work in was the advanced search, which is one of the rather messy code parts of CCSM. Let me first point out the obvious visual improvements. As you can see in the screenshot below, icons were added to the plugin list and it is now more obvious which plugin are enabled and which aren’t.

It is now also possible to display all plugin settings at once, especially useful if there are only a few settings found.

Under the hood I *tried* to clean up the code and make it faster, which was only partly successful. Maybe a treeview, as Christopher Williams suggested, would be the answer.

Speaking of messy code, I also worked a bit on the MultiList settings, which now also support colors. For that purpose I had to code CellRenderer for RGBA colors first. Actually that was easier then I thought, thanks to the pyGTK reference, google and koders. The result can be seen below. Feel free to c’n'p it out of when you need something like this in your own application.

Song of the day #5
by marex, Saturday, February 2nd @ 1:10 am Comments (0)

Today’s song is a little bit different than the last few I presented here. In general I enjoy eletronic music from time to time, but this song really got into my ear. It’s called “Ready For The Floor” by Hot Chip from their latest Album called “Made in the Dark”. It has a nice beat and the melody is quiet catchy. You can perfectly listen to it while coding. ;-)

If you liked the song, there are also some other videos from Hot Chip on YouTube.

Hello ehh I mean
by marex, Saturday, January 12th @ 11:20 pm Comments (5)

Huh I always mix up that year dates, dunno why. Might be because of the ongoing cuttings on civil rights in Germany. With a data retention law monitoring my communication I definitely feel a lot safer.

Anyway. Looking back, was one of the most intense years in my life. Many changes and many new experiences. But I’m confident can catch up with that. ;-)

I had some time working on Simple-CCSM during my holidays and I actually used it.

First of all the CCSM code has gone through a review and was cleaned up a lot. The code corresponding to each page is now put into its own class. The signal system is moved to the glade file, which really saves a lot of unneeded code. Some nasty bugs were also squashed such as the wrong size of desktop preview widget.

I finished my work on the Zoom page: well, ok still looking a bit empty. ;-)

There is also new an effects page. It allows you to select your favorite switcher and enable some nice plugins like scale, wobbly and blur.

You might have noticed the “Advanced” button. It launches CCSM depending on your currently selected page in the notebook. For example, clicking on it while your are configuring animations it will launch CCSM with the animation plugin settings. Quite handy if you want to give your settings a little bit extra tweaking.

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