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inactive/fusion/goto-viewport - Go to viewport plugin

08-13Compiz indention style.Danny Baumann
08-13Fix description and whitespace.Danny Baumann
08-13fix incorrect max boundary (thanks to onestone for spotti...Michael Vogt
08-13* added support for metacity style workspace switchingMichael Vogt
08-06Makefile update.Dennis Kasprzyk
07-29Explicitly include keysymdef.h.Danny Baumann
07-16Revert "Add X11/keysymdef.h include"Kristian Lyngstol
07-16Add X11/keysymdef.h includeKristian Lyngstol
07-16Remove obsolete deps/features from vtableDennis Kasprzyk
07-05Fix viewport switching after entering an invalid target n...Danny Baumann
07-05Whitespace fixes.Danny Baumann
07-05xml -> xml.inDanny Baumann
07-05Indention fixes.Danny Baumann
07-05Whitespace improvements and minor code cleanup.Danny Baumann
07-05Improve number input code. Also support numpad keys.Danny Baumann
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master2 monthsDanny BaumannCompiz indention style.