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inactive/fusion/compizconfig/ccs-settings - C based CCS configuration tool

06-11libccs -> libcompizconfDennis Kasprzyk
06-06Removed string restrictionsDennis Kasprzyk
06-05Trevinho's beryl -> ccs rename patchDennis Kasprzyk
06-05applied lib changesDennis Kasprzyk
05-16support for new Conflict featuresDennis Kasprzyk
05-10Adapt for new plugin binary name.Danny Baumann
05-03Fixed action value settingDennis Kasprzyk
05-02All plugins that don't provide Metadata now, are in the l...Dennis Kasprzyk
05-02Updated metadata for latest plugin changes.Danny Baumann
05-02Remove unofficial metadata of plugins that have official ...Danny Baumann
05-01added very dirty multiscreen awarenessDennis Kasprzyk
04-30Applied new library nameDennis Kasprzyk
04-27Fix updating of "plugin enabled" check boxes.Danny Baumann
04-26Use the reloadsig() function to reload the settings.Danny Baumann
04-26Added profile import / export.Danny Baumann
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master4 monthsDennis Kasprzyklibccs -> libcompizconf