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01-31Added autogen.shnatural
01-10Support for profile set.natural
01-07Implemented profile import/export. Yay!natural
01-07Accounted for changes to berylsettings python extension i...natural
01-01Change to KShortcutDialog handling to pickup keypad key p...natural
01-01Added tip of the day dialog, application key configuratio...natural
12-31Cleaned up attributed list view items.natural
12-31Added setting-editor-widgets-dirty-so-prompt before exit ...natural
12-31Support for a nifty "about beryl" and "about plugin" page...natural
12-30Added numbered profile selections.natural
12-30Sync plugin lists on view mode change.natural
12-29Honor icon size in category view.natural
12-29Now handles _ plugin and active_plugin setting with a gro...natural
12-29Added setting type icons, category icons.natural
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master8 monthsnaturalAdded