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03-20translation updateJigish Gohil
03-18beryl-settings isn't an advanced configuration utility, r...Alex Heck
03-18Remove file which doesn't belong hereAlex Heck
03-17Added missing filesAlex Heck
03-15Bump version to 0.3.0-svnnesl247
03-11Moving pt_PT into pt as cyberorg correctly suggested some...xplode_me
03-03beryl-settings: Updated music helper icon and added new i...marex
02-20beryl-settings: Added an icon for miniviewmarex
02-20AUTHORS: corrected formatcyberorg
02-20Add translators to AUTHORS, could plugin devs put themsel...cyberorg
02-19translation updatescyberorg
02-18beryl-settings: Did some small updates to group and movemarex
02-18beryl-settings: Attempt to make a better icon for inputzoommarex
02-18beryl-settings: Added icon for clonemarex
02-18beryl-settings: Updated the arrow and updated the desktop...marex
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master7 monthsJigish Gohiltranslation update