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04-04beryl-plugins: Fixed another wall switcher drawing problemmarex
04-04Fixed memory leak when using Burn and Beam UpErkin Bahceci
04-02wall: Fixed switcher drawingmarex
04-02resize plugin: some code cleanup in preparation for merge...Danny Baumann
03-28Another addition to the readmemarex
03-28fixed typomarex
03-28Added something to the READMEmarex
03-23fix french locale, messed up due to earlier patchJigish Gohil
03-23Applying l10n patches from gozerJigish Gohil
03-20l10n updateJigish Gohil
03-20Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://maniac@git.beryl-proje...Danny Baumann
03-20decoration plugin: properly support stretching by using t...Danny Baumann
03-19thumbnail: Update the thumb text properly and changed the...marex
03-18Reverts reverts!robb
03-18Add python loaderrobb
BranchIdleAuthorHead commit
TestBranch7 monthsmarexJust a clean up
master6 monthsmarexberyl-plugins: Fixed another wall switcher drawing problem
python7 monthsrobbAha