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03-17Add mising filesAlex Heck
03-07beryl-vidcap: fixed vtablemaniac
02-13beryl-plugins-vidcap: Vidcap now works with FIA as well :).xsacha
02-01beryl-plugins-vidcap: use pkg-config to get the prefix.wereHamster
02-01beryl-plugins-vidcap: add a build script to help users in...wereHamster
01-29capture: load after png to allow to load the watermark im...wereHamster
01-28beryl-plugins-vidcap: fix segfault (patch by lePhilousoph...guillaume
01-25beryl-plugins-vidcap: give novell/davidr proper creditswereHamster
01-23rename beryl-vidcap to follow the new naming schemequinn
09-27getting closerquinn
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master7 monthsAlex HeckAdd mising files