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03-23fix french locale messup due to earlier commit, thanks ma...Jigish Gohil
03-23Applying l10n patches from gozerJigish Gohil
03-20l10n updatesJigish Gohil
03-18Add pythonloader branchAlex Heck
03-18Remove pythonloader from non branchAlex Heck
03-18Test. I hope this is a branch.irid
03-18First Commit - currently not in functioning stateirid
03-17Added missing filesAlex Heck
03-15Bump version to 0.3.0-svnnesl247
03-13tile plugin: beautificationmaniac
03-13tile plugin: use the highest global border size again for...maniac
03-13tile plugin:maniac
03-13tile plugin: support Y viewport coordinates properlymaniac
03-11Moving pt_PT into pt as cyberorg correctly suggested some...xplode_me
03-11tile, showdesktop: no need to load the transformation mat...maniac
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master7 monthsJigish Gohilfix french locale messup due to earlier commit, thanks ma...
origin7 monthsAlex HeckRemove pytonloader from origin