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03-23fix french locale after commit messup, thanks maniacJigish Gohil
03-23applying l10n patches from gozerJigish Gohil
03-22fix ru_RU.po headerJigish Gohil
03-20Translation updatesJigish Gohil
03-17Add missing POTFILES.inAlex Heck
03-15Bump version to 0.3.0-svnnesl247
03-11Moving pt_PT into pt as cyberorg correctly suggested some...xplode_me
03-05Only add beryl-settings and emerald-theme-managernesl247
03-02l10n updatescyberorg
02-26beryl-manager: Updated pt_PT translationxplode_me
02-22l10n updatescyberorg
02-22beryl-manager: consistant labels for decoratorscyberorg
02-20AUTHORS: corrected formatcyberorg
02-20Add translators to AUTHORS, could plugin devs put themsel...cyberorg
02-19translation updatescyberorg
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master7 monthsJigish Gohilfix french locale after commit messup, thanks maniac