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01-29bdm: update HOWTO (add nautilus infos)guillaume
01-29bdm: better x/y for test image, working text!guillaume
01-29bdm: add test text widgetguillaume
01-29clear cairo in renderracarr
01-29Paint things a bit differentlyracarr
01-29bdm: remove useless callsguillaume
01-29Tired of writing commit logsracarr
01-29cairo_scale isn't really what we want hereracarr
01-29Handle image scalingracarr
01-29bdm: Add license header, fix background renderguillaume
01-29Check for text and image->attribracarr
01-29bdm: texts = NULL, whitespaces, removed manual loadingguillaume
01-29Check for image or text before rendering itracarr
01-29set needsPainting to 1racarr
01-29Call widget->getImages after initWidgetracarr
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master8 monthsguillaumebdm: update HOWTO (add nautilus infos)