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fusion/plugins/showdesktop - Showdesktop plugin

09-14Do not set opacity to opaque while moving.Danny Baumann
09-14Track core changes.Danny Baumann
09-07Track core changes.Danny Baumann
08-30Track core changes.Danny Baumann
08-06Makefile update.Dennis Kasprzyk
08-05Cleanups.Danny Baumann
07-31Added variable tracking if we sent the window to showdesk...Danny Baumann
07-30Don't make focusWindow think showdesktop'ed windows are n...Danny Baumann
07-16Remove obsolete deps/features from vtableDennis Kasprzyk
07-05Compiz indent style and minor cleanup.Danny Baumann
07-05Set showdesktop'ed windows to unmanaged so they aren't ha...Danny Baumann
07-05Use less hacky way to prevent moving/resizing of showdesk...Danny Baumann
07-03Makefile update.Dennis Kasprzyk
07-01Makefile update.Dennis Kasprzyk
06-30xml -> xml.inDanny Baumann
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master4 weeksDanny BaumannDo not set opacity to opaque while moving.