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fusion/plugins/ezoom - Zoom plugin with accessibility awareness

5 daysFix typo in ezoom.c too, fixes breakage caused by 4c0a0aa...Kristian Lyngstol
7 daysLoad before switcher to properly display itKristian Lyngstol
09-07Track core changes.Danny Baumann
09-06typo correction, thanks ExcentrikJigish Gohil
08-31* Check core plugin ABIVERSIONGuillaume Seguin
08-30* Track core changesGuillaume Seguin
08-23Use the new action systemKristian Lyngstol
08-23Compiz const-correctness updateKristian Lyngstol
08-22Don't use width/height <= 1 cursor imagesKristian Lyngstøl
08-22Comment typoKristian Lyngstøl
08-22Don't restrain the cursor at the end of a zoom areaKristian Lyngstøl
08-22Use cursor hotx/hoty/width/height when restraining the po...Kristian Lyngstøl
08-21Add ensureVisibilityArea with gravity, use this for mouse...Kristian Lyngstøl
08-14Style fixesKristian Lyngstol
08-14Checked malloc return valueRoland Baer
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master5 daysKristian LyngstolFix typo in ezoom.c too, fixes breakage caused by 4c0a0aa...