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fusion/plugins/compiz-scheme - A scheme interpreter embedded in a compiz plugin with wrappings for making useful scripts.

09-19Cleanup, assign slaves.Danny Baumann
09-19Fixed segfault.Danny Baumann
09-19Getting nearer: Plugin loads, but segfaults.Danny Baumann
09-19A lot of function and variable scope cleanup.Danny Baumann
09-19Never reference displays object directly.Danny Baumann
09-19Use core functions to parse key and button strings.Danny Baumann
09-19Action options are now splitted up.Danny Baumann
09-19Optimization.Danny Baumann
09-19Remove some unnecessary heap allocations.Danny Baumann
09-19Various fixes and core adaptions.Danny Baumann
09-19Fix typos.Danny Baumann
09-19Fix whitespacing.Danny Baumann
09-11Accummulated patches, reappliedRoland Baer
08-31Finish tracking core changes.Danny Baumann
08-31* Track core changes (first step)Guillaume Seguin
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master4 weeksDanny BaumannCleanup, assign slaves.