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fusion/plugins/colorfilter - Color filtering plugin

09-20* Avoid default keybinding conflict with shift for Switch...Guillaume Seguin
09-07Track core changes.Danny Baumann
08-31* Modify Switch Filter binding to avoid conflict with groupGuillaume Seguin
08-30* Fix includeGuillaume Seguin
08-30* Track core changesGuillaume Seguin
08-28* Makefile updateGuillaume Seguin
08-28* Fix commentGuillaume Seguin
08-24* Don't try to load filters with an empty nameGuillaume Seguin
08-24* Add comment & fix commentGuillaume Seguin
08-21* Fix metadata for realGuillaume Seguin
08-21* Fix metadataGuillaume Seguin
08-21* New action systemGuillaume Seguin
08-19* Set default filters listGuillaume Seguin
08-19* Minor coding style/function naming updateGuillaume Seguin
08-19* Damage screen when "Filter Decorations" option is toggledGuillaume Seguin
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master3 weeksGuillaume Seguin* Avoid default keybinding conflict with shift for Switch...
SoC8 weeksGuillaume Seguincommit 1d8aef52138afb50fae6f7d12c7b50e5d6749d7a