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fusion/misc/yags - Yet another git script

07-02Also clean with root rights if USE_SUDO is used.Danny Baumann
07-02Also support PODIR for USE_SUDO=true case.Danny Baumann
07-02Added support for PODIR= makefile parameter.Dennis Kasprzyk
06-22Update gitinfo.conf.exampleRobert Carr
05-21added support for multiple paths in $GITPATHDennis Kasprzyk
05-21Make sure PKG_CONFIG_PATH is always properly set.Danny Baumann
05-17. is not always in the path ;-)Dennis Kasprzyk
05-17use unsermake on kde build systemsDennis Kasprzyk
05-17Delete Makefile before executing autogen.shDennis Kasprzyk
05-17a better exampleDennis Kasprzyk
05-17Yet another git scriptDennis Kasprzyk
05-17Dummy commitonestone
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master3 monthsDanny BaumannAlso clean with root rights if USE_SUDO is used.