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fusion/misc/makefile - Universal plugin makefile

08-31Use prefix compiz- for global header files.Danny Baumann
08-28* Make destination dirs for data/imagesGuillaume Seguin
08-15Define DATADIR/IMAGEDIR correctlyDennis Kasprzyk
08-06Added support for image and data files.Dennis Kasprzyk
08-06Look for changes of the compiz herader file.Dennis Kasprzyk
08-06Added datadir and imagedir definesDennis Kasprzyk
08-06Show more warnings.Dennis Kasprzyk
07-09C++ support.Dennis Kasprzyk
07-03Detect header file changes.Dennis Kasprzyk
06-30* Use `echo` from coreutils (relying on shells' ones can ...Guillaume Seguin
06-28Added support for PODIR env variableDennis Kasprzyk
06-27- Added xml.in support (with translation if po directory ...Dennis Kasprzyk
06-11install header to correct directoryDennis Kasprzyk
06-11New version of the universal plugin MakefileDennis Kasprzyk
06-11Dummy commitcompiz
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master6 weeksDanny BaumannUse prefix compiz- for global header files.