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fusion/misc/compiz-manager - Wrapper script to start Compiz

3 daysUse a default value for log file location if xset q doesn...Kristian Lyngstol
09-21Indentation fixKristian Lyngstol
09-21If using nVidia, use loose bindingKristian Lyngstol
09-19Use consistent indentationKristian Lyngstøl
09-19Try to add lspci -vn output for the VGA card for debuggingKristian Lyngstøl
09-19Ignore fail-fallouts when SKIP_CHECKS is set to yesKristian Lyngstøl
09-19Fix PCI bus id typoKristian Lyngstøl
09-19Blacklist rv350Kristian Lyngstøl
09-19Proper LD_PRELOAD for FGLRXKristian Lyngstøl
09-19Clean up the XDG patchKristian Lyngstøl
09-19Read configuration from XDG locationsKristian Lyngstøl
09-19Improve precision of RESOLUTION regexpKristian Lyngstøl
09-19Test for GLXFBConfigKristian Lyngstøl
09-19Set INDIRECT when LIBGL_ALWAYS_INDIRECT is setKristian Lyngstøl
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master3 daysKristian LyngstolUse a default value for log file location if xset q doesn...