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fusion/compizconfig/compizconfig-backend-kconfig - Compizconfig kconfig backend

09-19Fixed profile handling.Dennis Kasprzyk
08-20Fixed integrated setting names.Dennis Kasprzyk
08-20Apply libcompizconfig changes.Dennis Kasprzyk
08-20[PATCH] Color values are stored as strings and not lists.David Reveman
08-20[PATCH] Use default item separator for lists.David Reveman
08-20[PATCH] Never delete entries.David Reveman
08-20[PATCH] Add _display when it's not a screen specific sett...David Reveman
08-20[PATCH] _Screen -> _screenDavid Reveman
08-20[PATCH] Add screen number properly.David Reveman
08-20[PATCH] cssrc -> compizrcDavid Reveman
08-13Integrated viewport wrap around.Dennis Kasprzyk
08-13Added integration of placement modes.Dennis Kasprzyk
08-13Integrate edge flip options.Dennis Kasprzyk
08-13Improved switcher integration.Dennis Kasprzyk
08-13Integrate snap.Dennis Kasprzyk
BranchIdleAuthorHead commit
0.6.09 daysJigish Gohilbump version to 0.6.0
master3 weeksDennis KasprzykFixed profile handling.
0.5.29 weeksGuillaume Seguincommit bf39c506d571396b5b68670f1112fa19fdba994b