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~raof/compizconfig-xdg - Make l-c-c comply with the XDG basedir spec

07-14Merge in local workChristopher James Halse Rogers
07-14Merge ../../libcompizconfigChristopher James Halse Rogers
07-14Really resolve all the conflictsChristopher James Halse Rogers
07-14Resolve merge conflicts for XDG work.Christopher James Halse Rogers
07-11Added missing free's.   Dennis Kasprzyk
07-11Use exclusive file locks only for write operations.Dennis Kasprzyk
07-11Fixed missing return value check.Danny Baumann
07-10Revert "Use flock for file locking. (seams to be more sta...Dennis Kasprzyk
07-10Use flock for file locking. (seams to be more stable)Dennis Kasprzyk
07-10Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.opencompositing.or...Dennis Kasprzyk
07-10Open lock for writing to get exclusive lock.Dennis Kasprzyk
07-09* Add ccsEmptyContextNew to create a context without any ...Guillaume Seguin
07-08Dummy commitraof
07-07* Whitespace fixGuillaume Seguin
07-07Autoenable regex by defaultTreviño - 3v1n0
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master3 monthsChristopher James Halse RogersMerge in local work