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~raof/compiz-cil - CIL (Common Intermediate Language) plugin loader and support libraries

08-27Merge ../compiz-sharpChristopher James Halse Rogers
08-27Dummy commitraof
08-26Handle NULL strings gracefullyAlp Toker
08-26Start work on managed plugin unloadingAlp Toker
08-26Clean up PluginLoader comments and whitespaceAlp Toker
08-26Add explicit copyright noticesAlp Toker
08-25Update struct to match compiz change 9c00b291e2970cb4Alp Toker
08-25Initializing function pointers to 0 seems a bad ideaAlp Toker
08-25Decide on tabs for indentation and stick to itAlp Toker
08-24Update commented Constrain methodAlp Toker
08-23Implement snake demoAlp Toker
08-23Implement StringLink rendererAlp Toker
08-23Implement OffsetSpring and wobbly demoAlp Toker
08-23Implement molecule demoAlp Toker
08-21Keep references of delegates and other objectsAlp Toker
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master7 weeksChristopher James Halse RogersMerge ../compiz-sharp