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~marex/emerald-2 - Some major changes in emerald will be done here

04-23Now use a VTable instead of various dlopen's.marex
04-23Last working version before rebasing again on gtk-window-...marex
04-20Sorry forgot to remove the debugging messagesmarex
04-20First compiling and running version of emerald-2: still h...marex
04-05First working version of libengine. Also added tester for...marex
04-04Ok legacy-engine and libengien should now compilemarex
04-02just a back up commit -- no working code yetmarex
03-26Removed themer: we'll need to do a better one in pythonmarex
03-26Remove zootreves engine => too old and too messymarex
03-26Merge git+ssh://marex@git.beryl-project.org/git/beryl/eme...marex
03-26Initial dummy removemarex
03-26Dummy commitmarex
03-24emerald: added Compiz blur property support (patch by Fun...Danny Baumann
03-23emerald: Fixed shadow now, but its more a hack then a rea...marex
03-23emerald: Another attemp to fix shadows.. (not fixed yet w...marex
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master6 monthsmarexNow use a VTable instead of various dlopen's.