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masterAdding recent dev updates. Mostly minor stuff.Kristian Frank Erikson3 months
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03-04Adding recent dev updates. Mostly minor stuff.masterKristian Frank Erikson10-167/+309
01-11Updates to the readme and the built in python documentation.Kristian Frank Erikson2-33/+81
01-10Modified CompizManager to now use the new C extension and added licencing ter...Kristian Frank Erikson4-70/+65
01-10Fixed missing windows by applying Debian patch wmctrl-1.07-6 to original sour...Kristian Frank Erikson2-31/+60
01-10Still working on fixing the missing windows from the listKristian Frank Erikson2-6/+22
01-10New C extension module now works as intended but seems to be missing windows ...Kristian Frank Erikson1-11/+35
01-09Adding getting the windowlist as a C extension. Still not complete though but...Kristian Frank Erikson3-7/+333
12-24Started adding new WindowList class for storing information about all windows.Kristian Frank Erikson1-8/+46
12-18Finally managed to get the massive amount of output from xwininfo down to the...Kristian Frank Erikson3-11/+35
12-17Adding feature to check if Compiz is availiable and pluginDoAction function t...Kristian Frank Erikson3-82/+96