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~keeguon/compiz-icon - Shiny tray icon for Compiz/CompComm

06-04 Added the missing 'Metacity Theme' option.Felix Bellanger
05-30 Fixed some bugs with the compiz starter.Felix Bellanger
05-29 Corrected bugs bringed with the support of env variables.Felix Bellanger
05-29 Modified src/compiz-icon.py in order to load env variables.Felix Bellanger
05-28 Fixed backend selectorFelix Bellanger
05-28 modified: src/compiz-icon.pyFelix Bellanger
05-28 modified: src/compiz-icon.pyFelix Bellanger
05-28 Added env variablesFelix Bellanger
05-28 Modified: compiz-icon.pyFelix Bellanger
05-28 => Major changesFelix Bellanger
05-28 Modified: src/compiz-manager.pyFelix Bellanger
05-28 Modified src/compiz-manager.pyFelix Bellanger
05-28 Removed bugsFelix Bellanger
05-28 Removed bugs from the env variableFelix Bellanger
05-28 env variables fixFelix Bellanger
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master4 monthsFelix Bellanger Added the missing 'Metacity Theme' option.