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~guillaume/visualevent - Visual Event plugin

09-20Track core changes.Danny Baumann
08-30* Fix includeGuillaume Seguin
08-30* Copy paste is evilGuillaume Seguin
08-30* Track core changesGuillaume Seguin
08-23* Remove timers when finishing displayGuillaume Seguin
08-21* New action systemGuillaume Seguin
08-07* Makefile update.Guillaume Seguin
07-30* Rethink handling of post-release timeouts to avoid wron...Guillaume Seguin
07-30* Adjust defaultsGuillaume Seguin
07-30* Add READMEGuillaume Seguin
07-30* Initial importGuillaume Seguin
07-30Dummy commitguillaume
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master3 weeksDanny BaumannTrack core changes.