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~guillaume/soc/gshaderedit - Live fragment shader editor

08-07* Redraw after 500ms to workaround compiz animation glitc...Guillaume Seguin
08-07* Coding styleGuillaume Seguin
08-07* Require PyGTK 2Guillaume Seguin
08-07* Reduce main window sizeGuillaume Seguin
08-07* Add shader loading capabilityGuillaume Seguin
08-06* Add MANIFEST.in for source distributionGuillaume Seguin
08-06* Update setup.py scriptGuillaume Seguin
08-06* Correctly set Glade locales pathGuillaume Seguin
08-06* Update French translationGuillaume Seguin
08-06* Update previewArea classGuillaume Seguin
08-06* Fix i18n file headerGuillaume Seguin
08-06* Comments & coding styleGuillaume Seguin
08-06* Coding styleGuillaume Seguin
08-06* Fix copyright notices & adjust minor detailsGuillaume Seguin
08-06* Update genpot script to remove glade header fileGuillaume Seguin
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master2 monthsGuillaume Seguin* Redraw after 500ms to workaround compiz animation glitc...