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~guillaume/soc/filters-manager - Filters management software

3 days* Coding style (fix indent)Guillaume Seguin
3 days* Use an icon list for dialogs tooGuillaume Seguin
3 days* Use an icon list with the tiny png icon plus the scalab...Guillaume Seguin
5 days* Fix bug where the app wouldn't start if there was no us...Guillaume Seguin
08-22* Update to new action systemGuillaume Seguin
08-20* Correctly try to find filter file in local & global fil...Guillaume Seguin
08-19* Format filters name for nicer end user displayGuillaume Seguin
08-19* Disable Generator page for nowGuillaume Seguin
08-15* Adjust local filters pathGuillaume Seguin
08-07* Require PyGTK 2Guillaume Seguin
08-06* Fix makerainbow.py script copyright & descriptionGuillaume Seguin
08-06* Use /usr/bin/env python instead of /usr/bin/pythonGuillaume Seguin
08-06* Add COPYINGGuillaume Seguin
08-06* Remove installed_files file after uninstalling if succe...Guillaume Seguin
08-06* Add MANIFEST.in file for source distributionGuillaume Seguin
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master3 daysGuillaume Seguin* Coding style (fix indent)
SoC8 weeksGuillaume Seguincommit d1bd463ac66e54f9093426ee1232fae7a69fe772