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~guillaume/cairo-swissknife - Simple but pretty tool, Enso-like

07-08* Do bash-like completionGuillaume Seguin
07-04* Replace ugly code by a nice pytonish filter/lambda comb...Guillaume Seguin
07-04* Add forgotten returns in get/set funcs (thanks to Victo...Guillaume Seguin
06-04* Catch X errors and abort instead of remaining up & brokenGuillaume Seguin
06-04* Add windows list instructionGuillaume Seguin
06-04* Add python-xlib-0.12-buflen.patchGuillaume Seguin
06-04* Remove TODO from main source fileGuillaume Seguin
06-04* Update AUTHORSGuillaume Seguin
06-04* Fix calculate notificationGuillaume Seguin
06-04* Fix clipboard related instructions under quasimodal modeGuillaume Seguin
06-03* Use hide instead of show_hide for hiding the tool when ...Guillaume Seguin
06-03* Minor fix to prevent breakage of QuasiModal mode when u...Guillaume Seguin
06-03* Add AUTHORS, COPYING, INSTALL and READMEGuillaume Seguin
06-03* set_clipboard_text : use correct clipboardGuillaume Seguin
06-03* calculate instruction: Paste result of calculation to c...Nicolas Dandrimont
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master3 monthsGuillaume Seguin* Do bash-like completion