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~griswold/sound - Sound plug-ins for Compiz.

08-07Update Makefiles.Andrew Riedi
07-26Make plug-ins build correctly.Andrew Riedi
07-09Update a couple Makefiles.Andrew Riedi
07-09Add stub 'data' directory to put Ogg Vorbis files in.Andrew Riedi
07-06Add stub pulseaudioCallback().Andrew Riedi
07-06Add loading/unloading functions to PortAudio driver.Andrew Riedi
07-06Add stub PortAudio driver.Andrew Riedi
07-06Move window specific code into the window structure.Andrew Riedi
07-04Introduce allowMask.Andrew Riedi
07-04Split move sound effect into left, right, up, and down.Andrew Riedi
07-02Add initial support for the add, resize, move, grab, and ...Andrew Riedi
07-02Improve alsaSoundPlay().Andrew Riedi
07-01Move *.xml -> *.xml.in.Andrew Riedi
07-01Update Makefiles.Andrew Riedi
06-18Rename Ogg/Vorbis plugin and implement some basic PlayFil...Andrew Riedi
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master2 monthsAndrew RiediUpdate Makefiles.