03-14Make script actually workChristopher Williams
03-14Set bus to None in compiz-deskmenu-editor if the dbus mod...Christopher Williams
03-14Pass compiz-deskmenu's environment to compiz-deskmenu-menuChristopher Williams
03-09Remove die function and clean up a bitChristopher Williams
03-08Set menu editor icon to gtk-editChristopher Williams
03-07Replaced g_error with g_printerr, as otherwise it will ha...Roland Bär
03-07Use 'Separator' as the type for Seprator elements and put...Christopher Williams
03-07Add mnemonics to window list items tooChristopher Williams
03-07Never show a horizontal scrollbar in menu editor and avoi...Christopher Williams
03-07In menu editor, automatically show edit dialog after crea...Christopher Williams
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master3 weeksChristopher WilliamsMake script actually work