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~3v1n0/compiz-wrapper - A compiz loader script based on compiz-manager

11 daysAdding "security-apices" in previous commitTreviño - 3v1n0
11 daysFixed bug which blocked the use of --loose-bindings with ...Treviño - 3v1n0
07-10Added check_intel() to set the INTEL_BATCH=1 env varTreviño - 3v1n0
07-09Added support for --use-copy and --force-fglrxTreviño - 3v1n0
07-09Different check for --replace in add_argumentTreviño - 3v1n0
07-09Some fixes in the workaround that should stop gnome-wmTreviño - 3v1n0
07-06Fixed typo in verbose message on loading argsTreviño - 3v1n0
07-06parse_options() completely rewritten to fix --sm-client-i...Treviño - 3v1n0
06-29Removed --indirect-rendering for Nvidia users by defaultTreviño - 3v1n0
06-29Some fixes on unsupported drivers and env var exportingTreviño - 3v1n0
06-28Set KDEWM and WINDOW_MANAGER to $COMPIZ $ARGS $PLUGINSTreviño - 3v1n0
06-28Some fixes and workaroundsTreviño - 3v1n0
06-24Exit after running fallback WM...Treviño - 3v1n0
06-24Added check_vesa_or_vga from Ubuntu Gutsy compiz wrapperTreviño - 3v1n0
06-24Changed from $@ to $* in run_commands (as test now)Treviño - 3v1n0
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master11 daysTreviño - 3v1n0Adding "security-apices" in previous commit