02-18Compiz: missed to re-enable updated session patch :PTreviño - 3v1n0
02-18Compiz: session restart patch enabled againTreviño - 3v1n0
02-18Compiz: disabled obsolete session patchTreviño - 3v1n0
02-12Compiz: debian version synced to upstreamTreviño - 3v1n0
02-03Compiz: disable kde4 - fixed typo :PTreviño - 3v1n0
02-03Compiz: Disabled kde4 decorator building (temporary)Treviño - 3v1n0
02-03Compiz: Zoom only on manual rotate patch updatedTreviño - 3v1n0
11-27Compiz: Updated debian base version set to 0.6.3Treviño - 3v1n0
11-18Compiz: added fake version to override configure.acTreviño - 3v1n0
10-21Compiz: updated obsolete patchTreviño - 3v1n0
BranchIdleAuthorHead commit
master3 weeksTreviño - 3v1n0Compiz: missed to re-enable updated session patch :P