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~3v1n0/compiz-fusion-debian-builder - Automated System for building Debian Packages for Compiz Fusion

09-16Include debug symbols by default in packagesTreviño - 3v1n0
09-12Set compiz-fusion-plugins-main as priopkg and install itTreviño - 3v1n0
09-10Fixed dependency grabbing and installationTreviño - 3v1n0
09-04Removed widged and kiosk plugins from extraTreviño - 3v1n0
09-04Added support for new compiz-core CORE_ABIVERSIONTreviño - 3v1n0
08-18Added support for configure.in.in in versioningTreviño - 3v1n0
08-18Fixed logs blacklistingTreviño - 3v1n0
08-18Fixed versioning related thingsTreviño - 3v1n0
07-31Added visualevent extra plugin supportTreviño - 3v1n0
07-30Removed autogen.sh pure dependency, and added setup.py su...Treviño - 3v1n0
07-30Added cubecaps extra pluginTreviño - 3v1n0
07-28Fixed "-git" version cleaningTreviño - 3v1n0
07-27Added 'nopatch' commandline support to avoid patchingTreviño - 3v1n0
07-09Partly reversed previous commit, remove patch samp file a...Treviño - 3v1n0
07-09Remove the debian/stamp-patched file if foundTreviño - 3v1n0
BranchIdleAuthorHead commit
master4 weeksTreviño - 3v1n0Include debug symbols by default in packages