Project Description Owner Last Change
Documentation Documentation Kristian Lyngstol 5 months ago
compiz/compizconfig/ccsm Compizconfig Settings Manager... Quinn Storm 7 weeks ago
compiz/compizconfig/compizconfig-python Compizconfig bindings for... compiz 2 months ago
compiz/compizconfig/libcompizconfig Compiz configuration system... compiz 2 months ago
compiz/core Compiz core components compiz 2 hours ago
compiz/plugins/crashhandler Crashhandler plugin Dennis Kasprzyk 2 months ago
compiz/plugins/elements Elements plugin rewrite, suppo... Sam Spillaz 8 days ago
compiz/plugins/expo Expo plugin Robert Carr 2 months ago
compiz/plugins/extrawm Extra WM functions plugin Danny Baumann 2 months ago
compiz/plugins/fadedesktop Fadedesktop plugin Robert Carr 2 months ago
compiz/plugins/grid Keyboard shortcuts to tile... Stephen Kennedy 2 months ago
compiz/plugins/loginout Login/Logout effect Plugin compiz 2 months ago
compiz/plugins/maximumize Resizes a window to the maximu... Kristian Lyngstol 2 months ago
compiz/plugins/mousepoll Mouse position polling plugin compiz 7 weeks ago
compiz/plugins/neg Negative plugin Dennis Kasprzyk 2 months ago
compiz/plugins/notification Notification plugin to show... Danny Baumann 2 months ago
compiz/plugins/put Put windows plugin compiz 2 months ago
compiz/plugins/resizeinfo Metacity like info on resize. Robert Carr 2 months ago
compiz/plugins/scalefilter Scale window title filter... Danny Baumann 2 months ago
compiz/plugins/session Session support in a plugin... Travis Watkins 2 months ago
compiz/plugins/snap Window snaping plugin Guillaume Seguin 2 months ago
compiz/plugins/splash Splash screen plugin Dennis Kasprzyk 2 months ago
compiz/plugins/text Text render plugin Patrick Niklaus 2 months ago
compiz/plugins/tile Window tile plugin compiz 2 months ago
compiz/plugins/trailfocus Trailfocus plugin Kristian Lyngstol 2 months ago
compiz/plugins/wall Wall plugin Robert Carr 2 months ago
fusion/compizconfig/compizconfig-backend-gconf Compizconfig gconf backend compiz 8 weeks ago
fusion/compizconfig/compizconfig-backend-kconfig Compizconfig kconfig backend compiz 2 months ago
fusion/compizconfig/compizconfig-backend-kconfig4 Compizconfig KDE 4 kconfig... compiz 3 months ago
fusion/compizconfig/simple-ccsm A simple settings manager... Patrick Niklaus 2 months ago
fusion/compizconfig/simple-ccsm-kde Unnamed repository; edit this... Lubos Lunak 6 months ago
fusion/decorators/emerald Emerald window decorator compiz 2 months ago
fusion/decorators/emerald-themes Themes for Emerald compiz 19 months ago
fusion/i18n Fusion translations Jigish Gohil 2 months ago
fusion/libraries/bcop Compiz option code generator compiz 2 months ago
fusion/misc/compiz-manager Wrapper script to start Compiz Kristian Lyngstol 6 months ago
fusion/misc/makefile Universal plugin makefile Dennis Kasprzyk 9 months ago
fusion/misc/yags Yet another git script Dennis Kasprzyk 23 months ago
fusion/plugins-extra Extra plugins compiz 2 months ago
fusion/plugins-main Main plugins compiz 6 weeks ago
fusion/plugins-unsupported Unsupported plugins compiz 2 months ago
fusion/plugins-wip Development/Work in progress... compiz 2 months ago
fusion/plugins/3d 3D plugin Roi Cohen 12 months ago
fusion/plugins/addhelper Addhelper plugin Kristian Lyngstol 12 months ago
fusion/plugins/animation Animation plugin Erkin Bahçeci 6 weeks ago
fusion/plugins/animationaddon Animation addon plugin Erkin Bahçeci 7 months ago
fusion/plugins/atlantis Aquarium plugin David Mikos 5 months ago
fusion/plugins/bench Benchmark plugin Dennis Kasprzyk 14 months ago
fusion/plugins/bicubic Bicubic filter plugin. compiz 9 months ago
fusion/plugins/colorfilter Color filtering plugin Guillaume Seguin 9 months ago
fusion/plugins/compiz-scheme A scheme interpreter embedded... Robert Carr 14 months ago
fusion/plugins/cubeaddon Cube reflection and cylinder... Dennis Kasprzyk 9 months ago
fusion/plugins/cubecaps Compiz Cube Caps plugin Guillaume Seguin 14 months ago
fusion/plugins/cubemodel 3D models inside cube David Mikos 5 months ago
fusion/plugins/ezoom Zoom plugin with accessibility... Kristian Lyngstol 4 months ago
fusion/plugins/fakeargb Fakeargb plugin Robert Carr 14 months ago
fusion/plugins/firepaint Firepaint plugin Dennis Kasprzyk 9 months ago
fusion/plugins/gears Plugin that renders gears... Dennis Kasprzyk 14 months ago
fusion/plugins/group Window grouping plugin compiz 2 weeks ago
fusion/plugins/jpeg Jpeg image loader plugin Nicholas Thomas 14 months ago
fusion/plugins/mag Magnifying glass plugin compiz 9 months ago
fusion/plugins/mblur Motion blur plugin Dennis Kasprzyk 14 months ago
fusion/plugins/mswitch Mouse gesture viewport switcher Robert Carr 13 months ago
fusion/plugins/opacify Opacify plugin Kristian Lyngstol 6 months ago
fusion/plugins/reflex Reflection plugin Dennis Kasprzyk 14 months ago
fusion/plugins/ring Ring window switcher plugin Danny Baumann 4 months ago
fusion/plugins/scaleaddon Scale addon plugin Danny Baumann 4 months ago
fusion/plugins/screencasting screencasting plugin Nicholas Thomas 21 months ago
fusion/plugins/shelf Miniwin reinvented Kristian Lyngstol 9 months ago
fusion/plugins/shift Shift window switcher. Dennis Kasprzyk 4 months ago
fusion/plugins/showdesktop Showdesktop plugin Danny Baumann 7 months ago
fusion/plugins/showmouse Show current mouse position... compiz 8 months ago
fusion/plugins/showrepaint Shows repainted regions in... compiz 12 months ago
fusion/plugins/snow Snow plugin Danny Baumann 9 months ago
fusion/plugins/stackswitch Stackswitch plugin. compiz 4 months ago
fusion/plugins/staticswitcher Switcher plugin with simpler... Danny Baumann 4 months ago
fusion/plugins/thumbnail Window thumbnail plugin Dennis Kasprzyk 4 months ago
fusion/plugins/vpswitch Viewport switcher plugin Dennis Kasprzyk 6 months ago
fusion/plugins/wallpaper Wallpaper plugin Robert Carr 9 months ago
fusion/plugins/widget Rewrite of widget layer plugin Danny Baumann 4 days ago
fusion/plugins/winrules Winrules plugin Cédric Bellegarde 6 days ago
fusion/plugins/workarounds Plug-in for Metacity-like... Andrew Riedi 2 months ago
inactive/beryl-legacy Beryl's legacy repo beryl 2 years ago
inactive/beryl-premerge Former beryl plugins compiz 2 years ago
inactive/beryl/aquamarine aquamarine beryl 2 years ago
inactive/beryl/beryl-bcop beryl-bcop beryl 2 years ago
inactive/beryl/beryl-core beryl-core beryl 2 years ago
inactive/beryl/beryl-desktop-manager beryl-desktop-manager beryl 2 years ago
inactive/beryl/beryl-extra-artwork beryl-extra-artwork beryl 2 years ago
inactive/beryl/beryl-manager beryl-manager beryl 2 years ago
inactive/beryl/beryl-mesa beryl-mesa beryl 2 years ago
inactive/beryl/beryl-plugins beryl-plugins beryl 2 years ago
inactive/beryl/beryl-plugins-unsupported beryl-plugins-unsupported beryl 2 years ago
inactive/beryl/beryl-plugins-vidcap beryl-plugins-vidcap beryl 2 years ago
inactive/beryl/beryl-settings beryl-settings beryl 2 years ago
inactive/beryl/beryl-settings-bindings beryl-settings-bindings beryl 2 years ago
inactive/beryl/beryl-settings-simple beryl-settings-simple beryl 2 years ago
inactive/beryl/beryl-settings-tool beryl-settings-tool beryl 2 years ago
inactive/beryl/beryl-setup beryl-setup beryl 2 years ago
inactive/beryl/bst beryl-settings-tool beryl 2 years ago
inactive/beryl/distro-specific-build-files distro-specific-build-files beryl 2 years ago
inactive/beryl/heliodor heliodor beryl 2 years ago
inactive/beryl/kberylsettings kberylsettings beryl 2 years ago
inactive/compiz Compiz mirror compiz 3 months ago
inactive/fusion/atlantis Simple aquarium plugin. Dennis Kasprzyk 14 months ago
inactive/fusion/bs Change brightness and saturati... Danny Baumann 12 months ago
inactive/fusion/compizconfig/ccs-settings C based CCS configuration... compiz 23 months ago
inactive/fusion/goto-viewport Go to viewport plugin Robert Carr 21 months ago
inactive/users/klange/shadows Near-true shadowing for windows. klange 12 months ago
inactive/users/klange/super-menu A menu, dock, and window list... klange 16 months ago
inactive/users/klange/wiitrack Wiimote Headtracking Plugin klange 15 months ago
inactive/users/smspillaz/fireflies Port of the Beryl Firefly... Sam Spillaz 8 months ago
inactive/users/smspillaz/floatingobjects Customisable floating objects... Sam Spillaz 12 months ago
inactive/users/smspillaz/stars Port of the Beryl Stars plugin... Sam Spillaz 8 months ago
individual/plugins/mousegestures Mousegestures plugin Danny Baumann 9 months ago
users/3v1n0/compiz-fusion-debian Debian Packages data for Compi... Treviño 13 months ago
users/3v1n0/compiz-fusion-debian-builder Automated System for building... Treviño 18 months ago
users/3v1n0/compiz-patches Some compiz patches I've done... Treviño 21 months ago
users/3v1n0/compiz-wrapper A compiz loader script based... Treviño 20 months ago
users/amaranth/sanity plugin to ensure a sane set... Travis Watkins 15 months ago
users/b0le/cubedbus Draw inside the cube via D-Bus Joel Bosveld 15 months ago
users/b0le/jasper A demo decorator Joel Bosveld 12 months ago
users/b0le/mp Multi-pointer stuff Joel Bosveld 15 months ago
users/b0le/photowheel Draws a photo wheel inside... Joel Bosveld 3 months ago
users/b0le/tag Unnamed repository; edit this... Joel Bosveld 5 weeks ago
users/crdlb/compiz-deskmenu desktop menu for compiz Christopher Williams 14 months ago
users/crdlb/fusion-icon simple tray icon for compiz... Christopher Williams 15 months ago
users/crdlb/medium-settings A medium-level settings manage... Christopher Williams 20 months ago
users/cyberorg/misc no-pink-elephants Jigish Gohil 2 months ago
users/davidr/blurdemo Unnamed repository; edit this... David Reveman 2 years ago
users/davidr/blurset Unnamed repository; edit this... David Reveman 2 years ago
users/edgurgel/putplus Put modified Eduardo Gurgel 5 months ago
users/edgurgel/smartput Smartput plugin Eduardo Gurgel 5 months ago
users/edgurgel/swap Swap windows Eduardo Gurgel 6 months ago
users/edgurgel/toggle-decoration Toggle Decoration plugin Eduardo Gurgel 6 months ago
users/efeller/smackpad SmackPad plugin, you need... Eugen Feller 11 months ago
users/gavintlgold/fusion-trouble A pygtk Troubleshooting utilit... gavintlgold 20 months ago
users/griswold/sound Sound plug-ins for Compiz. Andrew Riedi 21 months ago
users/guillaume/cairo-swissknife Simple but pretty tool, Enso... Guillaume Seguin 18 months ago
users/guillaume/soc/filters-manager Filters management software Guillaume Seguin 19 months ago
users/guillaume/soc/gshaderedit Live fragment shader editor Guillaume Seguin 21 months ago
users/guillaume/visualevent Visual Event plugin Guillaume Seguin 9 months ago
users/irid/beryl-python-plugins Python plugins for the win Peter Waller 2 years ago
users/janl/vigo Move between windows Magnus Janlert 6 months ago
users/jet-plane/multitouch multitouch input plugin with... Goran Medakovic 11 months ago
users/jordigh/unclutter Unclutter windows and minimise... Jordi Gutiérrez 4 months ago
users/kdubois/extra-animations Extra animations not present... Kevin Dubois 5 months ago
users/keeguon/compiz-icon Shiny tray icon for Compiz... Felix Bellanger 2 years ago
users/klange/headtracking Gives you a real 3d desktop... klange 2 months ago
users/klange/springdesk A new, animated, Clutter-power... klange 4 months ago
users/kristian/cf-master-test Test of subrepoing Kristian Lyngstol 5 months ago
users/kristian/compiz-core My working copy of Compiz... Kristian Lyngstol 2 years ago
users/kristian/compiz-scripts Compiz related scripts Kristian Lyngstol 20 months ago
users/kristian/pink-elephants-repo Pink elephants for the win... Kristian Lyngstol 8 months ago
users/kristianerikson/cf-greenscreen Filter colors for accessibilit... Kristian Frank 6 months ago
users/kristianerikson/cf-squeeze Squeeze plugin - put and resiz... Kristian Frank 5 months ago
users/kristianerikson/cf-squeeze-client Squeeze plugin client - uses... Kristian Frank 6 months ago
users/kristianerikson/cf-windowlist Plugin to display a list of... Kristian Frank 5 months ago
users/kristianerikson/python-compiz-manager Python class for manipulating... Kristian Frank 3 months ago
users/lupine/d-s-b-f Unnamed repository; edit this... Nicholas Thomas 2 years ago
users/lupine/plugin-serenity Somewhat like firefly, only... Nicholas Thomas 2 years ago
users/maniac/filedebug Dumps compiz debug output... Danny Baumann 2 months ago
users/maniac/titleinfo Shows additional pieces of... Danny Baumann 6 weeks ago
users/maniac/workspacenames Allow names to be assigned... Danny Baumann 4 months ago
users/marex/emerald-2 Some major changes in emerald... Patrick Niklaus 2 years ago
users/marex/marex-dev Some stuff I hopefully can... Patrick Niklaus 2 years ago
users/metastability/rubik Rubiks cube - run along side... David Mikos 10 months ago
users/metastability/snowglobe Turn cube into a snow globe David Mikos 14 months ago
users/moony/mousetrails Mouse cursor trails Erik Johnson 12 months ago
users/mzz/compiz-python Python bindings: write plugins... Marien Zwart 2 months ago
users/nesl247/compiz-fusion-git-scripts Intelligent modular git scripts Alex Heck 22 months ago
users/nigel/beryl Unnamed repository; edit this... Nigel Cunningham 2 years ago
users/omega/scripts Compiz Fusion Git script omega 6 days ago
users/pafy/screensaver Screensaver plugin Nicolas Viennot 9 months ago
users/pat/elements Snow, Stars, Autumn, Fireflies... Patrick Fisher 9 months ago
users/playerX/beryl-launcher beryl launcher for compiz... Diogo Ferreira 2 years ago
users/playerX/magick A generic image loader using... Diogo Ferreira 23 months ago
users/quinn/beryl-git-scripts Convenience scripts like makea... Quinn Storm 2 years ago
users/quinn/beryl-with-bind-options Attempt to redesign options... Quinn Storm 2 years ago
users/racarr/libbs-swig Unnamed repository; edit this... Robert Carr 2 years ago
users/raof/compiz-cil CIL (Common Intermediate Langu... Christopher Halse 21 months ago
users/raof/compizconfig-xdg Make l-c-c comply with the... Christopher Halse 22 months ago
users/raof/radial-switcher radial-switcher plugin develop... Christopher Halse 23 months ago
users/raof/session-xdg Branch of Amaranth's session... Christopher Halse 20 months ago
users/rcxdude/dialog Fade windows with open dialogs Douglas Young 3 months ago
users/rcxdude/dodge Makes windows stay out of... Douglas Young 8 months ago
users/rcxdude/ghost Makes clicks pass through... Douglas Young 4 weeks ago
users/smspillaz/animation Some reworks on animation... Sam Spillaz 5 months ago
users/smspillaz/basicblur Port of an old basic blur... Sam Spillaz 13 months ago
users/smspillaz/colorfilters Some custom-made filters for... Sam Spillaz 22 months ago
users/smspillaz/compiz-menu Menu of configurable actions... Sam Spillaz 6 months ago
users/smspillaz/compiz-mpx-ir Patches to compiz and the... Sam Spillaz 2 months ago
users/smspillaz/compiz-tools Various tools used to control... Sam Spillaz 13 months ago
users/smspillaz/desktopclick Customisable action triggering... Sam Spillaz 2 months ago
users/smspillaz/example *cough* Sam Spillaz 2 months ago
users/smspillaz/flash Port of Mike Dransfields Port... Sam Spillaz 2 months ago
users/smspillaz/input Compiz interface for sending... Sam Spillaz 15 months ago
users/smspillaz/lazypointer Warps the pointer around to... Sam Spillaz 2 months ago
users/smspillaz/peek Blaitant rip-off of Windows... Sam Spillaz 2 months ago
users/smspillaz/prompt Interface for other plugins... Sam Spillaz 2 months ago
users/smspillaz/simple-animations Simple animations that make... Sam Spillaz 4 months ago
users/smspillaz/throw Windows maintain a velocity... Sam Spillaz 2 months ago
users/smspillaz/wiimote Compiz Interface for the Ninte... Sam Spillaz 5 months ago
users/warlock/freewins Allow windows to be rotated... Rodolfo Granata 5 months ago
users/wfarr/ruby-icon Unnamed repository; edit this... Will Farrington 22 months ago
users/wodor/anaglyph Anaglyph plugin, you need... Patryk Kowalczyk 13 months ago
users/xytovl/newton Physics plugin for your windows Patrick Nicolas 3 months ago